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Shinetoo Lighting goes beyond mere illumination; we unlock the potential of your space. We are a leading manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting solutions specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of various industries, including healthcare, restaurants, offices, hospitality, food processing and Much more . Our team of lighting specialists possesses in-depth knowledge of each industry's unique requirements. We partner with you to understand your specific challenges and goals, recommending data-driven lighting solutions that optimize functionality, elevate aesthetics, and create the perfect environment.

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Solutions for Every Industry

  • Expert Consultations: Our specialists collaborate with you every step of the way from initial concept to final installation
  • Unparalleled Quality: Shinetoo sources premium materials and adheres to rigorous manufacturing standards to ensure long-lasting performance
  • Customizable Options: We offer a variety of finishes color temperatures and control options to personalize your lighting scheme
  • Seamless Project Management: Our team ensures a smooth and efficient installation process
  • minimizing disruption to your operations.


Products suitable for Specialty Lighting Solutions

LED Strip Fixture

Lighten up your office, warehouse, or industrial space with our LED Strip Fixture, designed for seamless integration into various settings. Offering a range of wattages from 25W to 120W, these fixtures are customizable to meet diverse lighting needs....

LED Troffer

Shinetoo’s high-efficiency LED Troffer specifically designed for offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, it offers a blend of energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. With selectable wattages and the option for motion sensor or smart...

LED Linear High Bay Light

Illuminate large spaces with LED Linear High Bay lights, tailored for warehouses, commercial settings, and industrial facilities. Its extrusion aluminum housing and anti-glare design, complemented by asymmetric/120-degree beam angles, cater to divers...

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