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Elevate roadway safety and visibility with Shinetoo Lighting's innovative solutions tailored for road illumination. Our LED Shoebox, A2 LED Area Light, and LED Wallpack are designed with unique features to address the diverse needs of roadway lighting. Each product holds excellent heat dissipation, minimal wind load, and versatile mounting options, ensuring a perfect fit for any road layout. With 20kV surge protection, IP65 rating, and high-quality drivers. The LED Shoebox and A2 Area Light, featuring optics ranging from Type II to V, and LED sources from Cree or Philips, ensure consistent, powerful lighting at 130 LM/W. Meanwhile, our LED Wallpack adds a layer of versatility with its prismatic glass refractor for non-yellowing illumination and 0-10V dimming capability, achieving up to 143 LPW.

Quality Lighting

Significance of Quality Lighting in Road Ways

Quality lighting on roadways is crucial for enhancing visibility, improving safety for all users, reducing accidents, and promoting smoother traffic flow during night-time hours.

Energy Efficiency

Significance of Energy Efficient lights in Roadways

Energy-efficient roadway lights save significant electricity, reduce costs, minimize maintenance needs, and contribute to environmental sustainability while maintaining safety and visibility.

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