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Illuminate your Parks and recreation Lighting with Shinetoo Lighting's powerful area lights such as LED Shoebox, A2 LED Area Light, or LED Wallpack. Designed for optimal performance, these fixtures feature excellent heat dissipation, minimal wind load, and versatile mounting options, ensuring a perfect fit for park environments. The LED Shoebox and A2 Area Light, featuring adjustable optics (Type II to V) and high-quality LED sources from Cree or Philips, deliver efficient illumination at 130 LM/W. The LED Wallpack adds depth with its prismatic glass for consistent, non-yellowing output and 0-10V dimming capability, achieving up to 143 LPW.

Quality Lighting

Significance of Quality Lighting in Parks

Quality lighting in parks is essential for ensuring safety, extending usability into the evening, adding aesthetic appeal, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for community engagement.

Energy Efficiency

Significance of Energy Efficient lighting in Parks

Energy-efficient lighting in parks reduces operational costs, minimizes environmental impact, promotes sustainability, and provides consistent, quality illumination for safety and aesthetic appeal.

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