Education Spaces Lighting

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At Shinetoo, we understand that creating healthy learning environments is crucial. The right lighting goes beyond illumination - it sets the stage for focused learning, boosts student productivity, and fosters a positive experience. Our innovative lighting solutions not only address these needs but also deliver significant energy cost savings. Discover how Shinetoo can help you create educational spaces that empower students to reach their full potential, both inside and outside the walls of the school.

Why Choose US ?

Our commitment goes beyond lighting

  • Enhance Student Learning: Promote focus-concentration and a positive learning environment
  • Improve Efficiency: Reduce energy consumption and operational costs
  • Create a Safe & Secure Campus: Ensure well-lit pathways and common areas
  • Boost Overall Experience: Provide a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere throughout the campus


Products suitable for Education Spaces Lighting

LED Strip Fixture

Lighten up your office, warehouse, or industrial space with our LED Strip Fixture, designed for seamless integration into various settings. Offering a range of wattages from 25W to 120W, these fixtures are customizable to meet diverse lighting needs....

LED Troffer

Shinetoo’s high-efficiency LED Troffer specifically designed for offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, it offers a blend of energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. With selectable wattages and the option for motion sensor or smart...

LED Magnetic Strip Kits

Revitalize your office, warehouse, or industrial facility lighting with our LED Magnetic Strip Kits. These kits are engineered for easy retrofitting, providing a modern lighting upgrade that enhances energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. S...

LED Linear High Bay Light

Illuminate large spaces with LED Linear High Bay lights, tailored for warehouses, commercial settings, and industrial facilities. Its extrusion aluminum housing and anti-glare design, complemented by asymmetric/120-degree beam angles, cater to divers...

How to Choose Best Lighting ?

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Classrooms lighting

Shinetoo's classroom lighting optimizes focus and engagement

Shinetoo LED lighting offers a compelling solution for modern classrooms. It delivers energy savings, reduces maintenance costs, improves light quality, and promotes a healthier learning environment for students.

Hallway Lighting

Feel Safe with our Bright Lighting

Brighter hallways and campuses with LED lights reduce crime by increasing visibility. This makes students and staff feel safer, especially in areas with poor lighting before.

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