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At Shinetoo, we believe that lighting plays an essential role in shaping the ambiance and perception of every commercial space. With our advanced LED commercial lighting solutions, we offer you the opportunity to create spaces that truly shine. Our cutting-edge LED technology provides brilliant, consistent illumination that brings out the best in your products, highlights architectural features, and creates an inviting ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

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Products suitable for Commercial Lighting

LED Strip Fixture

Lighten up your office, warehouse, or industrial space with our LED Strip Fixture, designed for seamless integration into various settings. Offering a range of wattages from 25W to 120W, these fixtures are customizable to meet diverse lighting needs....

LED Troffer

Shinetoo’s high-efficiency LED Troffer specifically designed for offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, it offers a blend of energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. With selectable wattages and the option for motion sensor or smart...

Gen 1 UFO High Bay Light

Designed for the rigors of industrial environments, the STR LED High Bay Lighting is perfect for illuminating warehouses, factories, and expansive retail areas. Its robust die-cast aluminum construction and IP65 rating ensure durability against dust...

LED Magnetic Strip Kits

Revitalize your office, warehouse, or industrial facility lighting with our LED Magnetic Strip Kits. These kits are engineered for easy retrofitting, providing a modern lighting upgrade that enhances energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. S...

Gen 2 UFO High Bay Light

Shinetoo’s ALL-in-One STR LED High Bay is ideal industrial lighting for steel mills, cold storage, warehouses, and large retail, offering durability with its IP65-rated die-cast aluminum body. It ensures superior lighting and energy efficiency with M...

LED Linear High Bay Light

Illuminate large spaces with LED Linear High Bay lights, tailored for warehouses, commercial settings, and industrial facilities. Its extrusion aluminum housing and anti-glare design, complemented by asymmetric/120-degree beam angles, cater to divers...

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Commercial Lighting

How to Choose Best Lighting ?

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Perfect Illumination

Need for Perfect Illumination in Commercial Spaces

Efficient performance in commercial lighting translates to significant energy savings, optimal illumination, and lower operational costs, enhancing work environments and customer experiences.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for Your Commercial Spaces

We offer custom lighting solutions tailored to your specific commercial needs. We fully understand your requirements and can provide you with the most effective lighting solution possible.

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